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August 2010

International Symposium on Renewable Feedstock for Bio-Fuel and Bio-Based Products

Kenaf, Jute, Hemp, Flax and Allied Fibers

Austin, Texas

August 11-13, 2010


September 2009

Project Partnering Opportunities

Vision Paper is regularly being asked for advice and assistance in setting up or helping to develop kenaf and other nonwood projects in different parts of the world.  While our focus has been to develop a series of pulp (and paper) mills in the U.S. we are open to discussion with others regarding developing partnerships and technology sharing agreements.  If you are interested in engaging us in a serious discussion about your project, please visit for an explanation of our approach and capabilities.

March 2008

Vision Paper is changing its focus.  We have historically worked with existing mills to produce kenaf pulp and paper.  Over the past five years, the mills that produced our pulp and paper have closed, and the few smaller specialty mills remaining are either too high priced or unable to produce pulp to our specifications.

We are currently working to assemble our own small pulp mill that will produce kenaf and certain other non-wood pulps on a daily basis.  Because of the many mill closures, there are opportunities to acquire used equipment at very favorable prices.  The company is currently working to secure financing and is developing a comprehensive business plan in support of that effort.

Our goal is to create the most environmentally positive processes and products.  As such we are concentrating on:

1. No sulfur compounds

2. No chlorine compounds

3. Water and energy efficiency

4. Bio-energy generation from process by-products

5. Low input and sustainable agricultural fiber production

and most importantly

6. Producing a high quality product at an economically competitive price.


The Company has developed an "Opportunity Summary" that is available upon request to "Accredited Investors" as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  (   If you meet the requirements of an Accredited Investor and are interested in receiving our summary information, please send an email with your full contact information, including a phone number where you can be reached during the day.

Our email address is

Important: Remove the "8" when sending an inquiry. We insert it here to reduce the amount of spam we receive.

This web site will be changing soon to reflect our new direction.




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